Training Courses

Spray foam outperforms traditional insulation methods more every day for efficiency and sustainability. Whether you’re starting out or are well-versed in spray foam application, we have a training course that can improve your skills and advance your career prospects.

Spray Foam Applicator Training (101)

Spray Foam Training at our headquarters in Arlington, Texas will cover spray foam safety guidelines, building science and code issues, dispensing equipment, and application techniques for all Demilec spray foam systems. Each attendee will be expected to troubleshoot the equipment and “pull the trigger” in our spray lab.

Concrete Lifting Applicator Training (201)

Geolift is a concrete lifting foam for both residential and commercial use on driveways, sidewalks and patios. By drilling dime-sized holes in the uneven concrete and injecting Geolift under the slabs, you can lift, level and renew. This environmentally conscious injection foam contains raw materials made from recycled plastic, renewable soybeans and zero-ODP blowing agents. Demolition can be expensive. Instead of pouring new, repair your sunken concrete with Geolift to save time and money on your renovation.

Sales Training (Mastering Sales Conversations)

At Demilec we are committed to assisting our market partners in developing skills to succeed both on and off the jobsite. With this goal in mind, we have been working to create an intense full day of sales training. Please join us and learn to be a market dominator and not just react to the market.

This intense sales boot camp will cover:

  •        Sales Safety
  •        Selling to Architects, Builders, and Homeowners
  •        Maintaining Control of the Sales Process
  •        Motivating Yourself to Win in Tough Markets
  •        Listening and Questioning Techniques
  •        Setting Goals
  •        Building a Well-Rounded Customer Base That Provides In Good Times and Bad
  •        Understanding the Code for Efficiency and Fire Ratings

Course Dates

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