Demilec provides easy access to Guide Specifications regardless of your application. Each application specification includes specific requirements for material, submittals, installer and field quality assurance. These specifications include unique testing and compliance standards for exceeding other thermal insulation is section 07200. Including the entire specification in your bid package will assure only the highest performing materials, installation requirements and skilled labor will execute your project.

Heatlok ABS                 

Demilec provides a fully tested and branded Insulating Air Barrier System combing insulation (Heatlok XT, Heatlok HFO), transition membranes (Heatlok ABS Membrane), primers (Heatlok ABS Primer) and mastics (Heatlok ABS Mastic) to address cavity wall continuous applications. Demilec ABS carries the industry’s highest levels of testing and performance warranties and can only be installed by trained, approved Demilec ABS installers. There are no equivalents to the Demilec ABS approach.

Heatlok HFO Pro        

The HFO series of products are Demilec’s latest material innovation to address global warming and CO2 emissions. HFO (Pro or High Lift) does not contain Ozone Depleting Products (0-ODP) and has an ultra-low Global Warming Potential of less than 5. (GWP<5) Demilec HFO is a High Performance insulation, fully adhered to all substrates, with no gaps, cracks or seams, no tapes or caulks. This single product provides the thermal control layer, moisture control layer and air movement control layer required in all buildings. Heatlok HFO Pro may be used as a single insulation product in combination with other materials and assemblies as a stand-alone insulating Air Barrier material or combined in a turn-key Heatlok ABS (Air Barrier System) installation.

Heatlok XT                    

The workhorse insulation for Demilec, XT contains HFC’s and is expected to be phased out in the near future. Demilec encourages you to consider Heatlok HFO in your upcoming projects.

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