Barnseal ®

Durability Meets Agriculture

Demilec introduces Barnseal­® polyurethane spray foam insulation for use in agricultural applications. Barnseal is a high R-value, air sealing insulation developed for use in poultry, dairy, equestrian, farm and ranch applications where high performance is required, and at a lower cost than the spray foam insulation traditionally used in homes and commercial buildings.

Barnseal MD (Medium-Density) is a 2 pound density agricultural spray foam insulation with an R-value of 6.8 at 1 inch, most commonly used for fruit and vegetable storage facilities, barns, stables, horse riding arenas, dairies, and other buildings where a high R-value is necessary.

Barnseal HD (High-Density) is a is a 6 pound density spray foam insulation with an R-value of 5.9 at 1 inch, most commonly used in poultry houses, as it is a more durable substance which is not damaged by chickens and turkeys pecking at the foam.

Barnseal Advantanges Include:

  • Durable and fast application.
  • Insulation with an air-tight seal.
  • Improved temperature control in barns.
  • Enhances ventilation control.
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Minimizes potential for condensation.
  • Minimizes the potential for mold and mildew growth.
  • Increases production from livestock.
  • Non-biocide darkling beetle control.
  • Compressive strength >20 psi.
  • R-7.1 at one inch (initial).
  • "We enjoy the benefits of Demilec as a thermal barrier, air intrusion barrier and as a sound attenuation material. We plan on being a Demilec customer for many years to come."

    - Robert D. Massaro | CEO, Healthy Buildings, USA
  • "Demilec’s hands-on approach, trouble-shooting capabilities, and preventative maintenance process anchors their industry-leading tech service."

    - Eric DeMars | Lead Spray Foam Applicator, Custom Drywall, Inc.
  • "Your Heatlok Soy® 200 Plus is awesome. My guys and I tried at least five other brands, but Heatlok is the best. It is less sticky on the cap and does not clog as much as other brands."

    - Scott McLean | Operations Manager, Good Life Energy Savers, Danbury , CT
  • "We are extremely impressed with the exceptional performance of your product and would highly recommend it to anyone considering utilizing spray foam in their home."

    - Ruth O. | Slidell , LA
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