Demilec Launches Spanish-Language Spray Foam Applicator Training Program

Demilec Launches Spanish-Language Spray Foam Applicator Training Program To Combat Construction Industry’s Skilled Worker Shortage

Spanish-Language Spray Foam Applicator Training Program classroom

Attendees become Demilec-certified spray foam installers upon completion of three-day training program

July 19, 2017 - Demilec, one of the largest manufacturers of spray applied polyurethane foam in North America, has launched a Spanish-language Spray Foam Applicator training program at its headquarters in Arlington, Texas, in an effort to combat the construction industry’s critical shortage of skilled workers and to support its contractors in an increasingly diverse employment market. The three-day training sessions, which take place monthly, cover spray foam safety guidelines, building science and code issues, dispensing equipment and application techniques for all Demilec spray foam systems.

“Training and technical assistance are some of the most important services that we can provide to support our contractors to help them run and grow their businesses. With the construction industry’s shortage of skilled workers, trained spray foam applicators are desperately needed. With these Spanish training classes, we aim to expand the talent pool of skilled workers,” said Vince Kerr, Technical Representative at Demilec.

spray foam application

As part of the hands-on training program, each attendee troubleshoots the equipment and “pulls the trigger” in Demilec’s University Spray Lab. Upon completion, attendees are certified by Demilec to apply the company’s spray foam insulation products.

“The share of builders reporting either some or a serious shortage has skyrocketed from a low of 21 percent in 2012, to 46 percent in 2014, 52 percent in 2015, and now 56 percent in 2016," said Paul Emrath, economist for the National Association of Homebuilders, in the organization’s most recent annual national workforce survey.

Additionally, media reports call the shortage of skilled workers particularly troublesome in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is experiencing an unprecedented population and construction boom and has a significant Spanish-speaking workforce.

About Demilec:

Demilec has been recognized as an industry leader in using innovative technology and advanced science to create a line of open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation and coatings for more than 33 years. Demilec focuses on meeting market demands for more energy-efficient products and serves a range of industries, including industrial, residential, commercial, agricultural, original equipment manufacturer, education, water, oil & gas, energy, military and civil. For more information, visit

To learn more about Demilec’s training initiatives, visit (English) or (Spanish).

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