Demilec Teams Up with Service Partners to Create Growth in Spray Foam Insulation Market

Demilec and Service Partners have confirmed their new partnership, which will help both companies extend further into the spray foam insulation market.

Arlington, Texas, July 19, 2016 – The team at Demilec, Inc. is pleased to announce our partnership with Service Partners, the largest distributor of residential insulation products and related accessories in the nation. Similar to Demilec, Service Partners is dedicated to providing clients with valuable, reliable, exceptional services.

At Service Partners, the team abides by a culture that cultivates strategic partnerships with top-tier building manufacturers throughout the United States. By collaborating with Demilec, both companies will have the ability to reach further into the growing market of spray foam insulation products.

Backed by more than three decades of experience in the polyurethane market, Demilec develops unparalleled spray foam insulation products designed for performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability. As a result, all products are made using the most recycled and renewable content in the spray foam insulation industry. In fact, Demilec has already transformed 385 million plastic bottles into durable resin systems.

Paul Valle, the CEO and President of Demilec, commented on the new partnership, stating, “Service Partners’ history servicing the immediate customer need, combined with Demilec’s exceptional polyurethane products, made us confident we could work together to provide an unparalleled contractor experience […] We are excited to be working with Service Partners.”

Demilec, Inc. is an industry leader in the spray foam insulation market. Headquartered in Arlington, Texas with manufacturing in both Texas and Canada, Demilec’s focus is on meeting market demands for more sustainable, green, and energy-efficient products for a variety of industries. For more information on how Demilec products can help you with your next building project, please visit us at

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