Demilec Provides Spray Foam Insulation Services for FYI Network and Loud TV’s “Tiny House Nation”

Demilec provides spray foam insulation services for a hit television show, “Tiny House Nation,” which is hosted by FYI Network and produced by Loud TV.

Arlington, Texas, June 16, 2016 – FYI Network hosts a hit television show called “Tiny House Nation,” which records the issues and innovative solutions families face when they trade their big lifestyles for the advantages of living much smaller lifestyles. In one of the most recent episodes, titled, “Seven’s Companies,” our team here at Demilec provided spray foam insulation services for a home that measured to 545-square-feet. This home was designed to accommodate one couple and their five sons for a total of seven persons.

The objective of this television show is to demonstrate how homeowners can greatly reduce the amount of energy they consumer using sustainable building materials. Because our team at Demilec offers spray foam insulation that has proven to be energy efficient due to its insulation and air-sealed qualities, homeowners were guaranteed a lower heating and cooling bill. Douglas Brady, the Vice President of Strategic Marketing of our team, explained that for this specific project, Demilec used a high-performance spray foam insulation in order to create a comfortable environment that would allow a large family to live in a smaller area.

Our company’s spray foam insulation products are energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, which deliver comfort to homeowners year-round. In addition, these products have proven to reduce cooling and heating costs by up to 50% and prevent pollen, dust, and other pollutants from entering living spaces.

During the second season of “Tiny House Nation,” Demilec provided spray foam insulation in four episodes, making it possible for each homeowner to achieve their sustainable tiny house dreams!

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