Demilec Reformulates Popular APX Spray Foam Insulation To Improve Yield, Reduce Waste and Speed Up Application Time

Demilec, North America’s largest producer of spray foam insulation, has redesigned their spray foam formula into a high quality APX low-density foam and are calling it Demilec APX. This new formulation is created to lessen the amount of waste, improve the product’s yield, and reduce the amount of time it takes to apply.

This open-cell polyurethane spray foam can air-seal and insulate various structures, including commercial buildings, schools, and homes. Since Demilec’s products pass various fire test regulations enforced by the International Code Council Evaluation Service, the new formula can be used without protective fire coating.

Demilec introduced this reformulation to raise the bar of fire safety. Due to the formula’s new properties, Demilec APX is easier, faster, more valuable, and performs better than ever. In addition, the products R-value is 3.7 at one inch and is a half-pound density foam that passes a AC377 Appendix X test.

Moreover, Demilec APX meets the requirements enforced by the International Building Code, the International Energy Conservation Code, and the International Residential Code. The product is also in compliance with the section 01350 requirement instated by the California Department of Public Health and is a low VOC-compliant.

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