Tech Tip - Ever Break a Drillbit in a Mixing Chamber???

Posted By DEMILEC || 30-Apr-2013

Often times while applying spray foam, hardened material gets stuck in the mixing chamber that the purge-air just won’t blow out; in most cases this happens while applying closed cell foams. When hardened material is noticed or the pattern from the chamber is unsatisfactory a drill bit that is sized for the desired chamber is necessary to carefully remove the hardened material.

Once in a while, and with the necessary cumbersome PPE that is required for the applicator, a drill bit will break off while drilling the hardened material from the chamber. If this happens, follow these simple steps, it may save from having to purchase a new chamber.

Drill Bit PieceStep 1: If there is hardened material still in the chamber at the time the drill bit broke than it will need to be soaked in solvent for several hours.

Wire BrushStep 2: Break two small wires from a wire wheel or brush; make sure that the wires are approx. 1.5”-2.0” in length.

Removing Drill Bit Step 3: Insert each wire into two of the flutes of broken drill bit. Wiggle the wire as far to the bottom as possible.

Metal PliersStep 4: Using a pair of pliers, turn the chamber clockwise. This will tighten the wires into the flutes of the broken drill bit. Take care not to over-tighten as this could break the wires off in the drill bit.

Metal PliersStep 5: Once the wires feel secure gently pull the wire with the pliers and the broken drill bit should slide out.

Drill Bit Removed


* NOTE: Although this tip has been successful in many cases, it is only to help save a chamber that is otherwise thought to be damaged and is in no way a 100% fix in every case.

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