Coastal Wins SPFA Award for Residential Construction!

Posted By DEMILEC || 14-Mar-2012

Demilec USA is always proud when one of their contractors goes beyond great and achieves true excellence. Recently, Coastal Insulation Corp, headquartered in East Windsor, New Jersey, went far beyond the norm, winning an SPFA award for best residential wall project in the United States. Demilec was proud that our products could help contribute to the success of Coastal in winning this prestigious industry award. Recently, I had a chance to discuss the project with Anzhelika Ronis, Marketing Administrator for Coastal.

Demilec USA: Hi Anzhelika! This is Brandon with Demilec

Coastal Insulation Corp : Hi brandon!

Demilec USA: How are you doing today?

Coastal Insulation Corp : Super, thanks! How are you?

Demilec USA: I can’t complain. Can we start with a brief history of Coastal Insulation Corp?

Coastal Insulation Corp : Sure. Coastal was started in 1975 by Steven and Susan Schwartz. Over time, a couple of other companies were acquired and another was created. This last year, we have put everything under the Coastal umbrella for marketing purposes.

Demilec USA: Do you spray more open or closed cell foam?

Coastal Insulation Corp : I would say that it’s probably about equal. It obviously depends on what the project calls for and its location; if it’s above or below grade, etc. We recently did a project that needed closed cell foam applied to the outside of a fire training center and we had to spray onto the concrete blocks from the outside. A project like that would tilt the scales in favor of using more closed cell. For Residential, I’d say more open cell is used. However we do a lot of residential custom homes, especially by the water, so where humidity and moisture is an issue, a whole house will get sprayed with closed cell. For everything else, it varies. There’s so much variation! We have branched out into commercial and government and schools and specialty projects…

Demilec USA: That’s great to hear. Diversification is important and spray foam allows you to explore many different specialty projects

Coastal Insulation Corp : Absolutely! We’re lucky that we have people with a tremendous amount of knowledge about the product so we aren’t the type that says only go with open! Or only with closed! No way! We’re all about doing things the right way for the customer. Always.

Demilec USA: Recently, we were present to see Coastal win the award for Residential Wall Foam at the SPFA conference in Dallas. Congratulations on the win!

Coastal Insulation Corp : Thanks! We were so proud!

Demilec USA: Can you tell me a little about the project?

Coastal Insulation Corp : Sure. It was for HELP USA, along with the Make It Right Foundation and it’s called the Clinton Avenue Urban Renewal Project in Newark, NJ. It’s a 60,000 sq. ft. space with 56 units of rental housing. Also included are computer rooms, a fitness center, meeting rooms, and community service space. The GC was Del-Sano General Contracting. It took about 40 days to complete. Local, minority, and union labor were all used. There was an aggressive timetable, so areas had to be partitioned so that other trades could keep working. The housing was built for lower income families and veterans. There were different substrates such as steel beams, metal decking, atrium ceilings, garage band joists, 4th floor ceilings, attic bands and block walls. It was originally intended to go for LEED Gold, but ended up Platinum, with spray foam’s help of course!

HELP USA is a national not-for profit, and the Make It Right Foundation was founded by Brad Pitt and others to build new single family homes in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans after Katrina. And they’re all about safe and affordable sustainable housing.

We have a video! Here’s the link:

Demilec USA: Video is always good!
Demilec USA: So most important question… did you get to meet Brad Pitt?

Coastal Insulation Corp : Sadly, no. Though I don’t think it would have mattered. Don’t think anyone would leave Angelina…she’s too gorgeous and awesome!

Demilec USA: Haha good answer. You guys complete a substantial amount of high profile projects and do a great job of marketing yourselves. How do your marketing efforts contribute towards running a successful spray foam business?

Coastal Insulation Corp : Well, with us getting into spray foam, the versatility and efficiency of the product on its own was staggering. We quickly realized that a great product does half the work for you. Honestly, we’re a bunch of overachievers here. We all really care and work hard for each other and with each other. We’re all about being leaders. We’re not afraid to be the first ones out there doing things in a new way. We’re always looking to improve, well…everything. And, you know, the power of the internet cannot be ignored. After the initial period of asking everyone you know about a contractor’s reputation before you go ahead and hire them, it’s…online. It’s all online. We have a particularly strong production department and an amazing crew. We have an on-staff training manager and equipment specialist. Our crew has monthly ongoing training sessions. It’s all about communication, constantly striving to improve ourselves, and making sure we are visible and being talked about.
Coastal Insulation Corp : And…we all really like each other! That helps!

Demilec USA: That definitely helps. Some people don’t realize how big of an impact a positive work environment can have on a business

Coastal Insulation Corp : We certainly do. Especially in a field like this that’s really competitive and has strict construction schedules to adhere to, we have to work together, which Coastal does seamlessly.

Demilec USA: What advice can you give to a smaller spray foam company looking to establish a marketing presence?

Coastal Insulation Corp : For a smaller company that may be working with a start-up or smaller budget, I would say to focus your efforts online. Nowadays, with so many review sites and conversations taking place on social sites, make sure the word on the street for your company is strong. For many fields, especially in construction and building trade related fields, your reputation comes first and that has to follow with an online presence. This is vital.

Demilec USA: Well that’s all the questions that I have for the interview. Thank you so much for your time and thank you for using Demilec!

Coastal Insulation Corp : Ok, fantastic! You’re welcome and thank you, too! Bye Brandon!

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