Building Science


  • Understanding Attic Ventilation
  • Understanding Ventilation in Hot Humid Climates
  • Unvented Roof Assemblies for All Climates
  • Unvented Attic Assembly as a Design Alternative
  • Unvented Cathedralized Attic Assemblies
  • Building Codes

  • 2015 IRC R806.5 – Unvented Attic Assembly
  • 2006 IRC 806.4 with Commentary
  • 2009 IBC Chapter 26 – Plastic
  • 2009 IRC Section 316 – Foam Plastics
  • 2009 IRC Section 408.3 Unvented Crawl Spaces
  • 2009 IRC Section 806.4 Unvented Attic
  • 2009 IRC Section 1601.3 Allowance for SPF as Duct Insulation
  • Overview of US Model Building Code Fire Performance Requirements
  • Education-General

  • Fire Properties of Foam
  • NM-Cable Encased Spray Foam Insulation
  • Uponor (pex) Tube and Fittings
  • Acceptable Gap between Foam and Gypsum Board
  • To Fill or Not to Fill the Cavity
  • Actual Performance of Fiberglass
  • ASHRAE Exterior Foam
  • Case History of Polyurethane Foam Insulation / Air Barrier Systems
  • HVAC in Multifamily Buildings
  • 2011 Normal Thickness Variation
  • Fireplaces in Spray Foam Houses
  • Manufacture Location
  • Open Cell Foam Exposure During Construction
  • Specifications

  • Heatlok ABS Specification
  • Demilec USA Master Spec
  • Heatlok XT Spec
  • Submittal Form
  • Demilec APX Spec
  • Heatlok Soy 200 Plus Spec
  • Sealection 500 Spec
  • Agribalance Spec
  • Education-Basement / Foundation

  • Cost Effective Basement Wall Drainage Alternatives Employing Exterior Insulation Basement Systems
  • Performance Evaluation of Exterior Insulation Basement System – SPF Summary Report
  • Performance of Spray Foam on Indoor Foundation Walls
  • Performance of Thermal Insulation on the Exterior of Basement Walls
  • Understanding Basements
  • Education-Control Layers

  • Air Barrier Study
  • Air Pressure in Wood Frame Walls
  • The Perfect Wall
  • Pressures in Buildings
  • Thermal Control in Buildings
  • Understanding Air Barriers
  • Understanding Drainage Planes
  • Understanding Vapor Barriers
  • Education-Indoor Air Quality / Moisture

  • Off-Gassing of SPF
  • Condensation Control
  • Mold Issues
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Flood and Hurricane Resistant Buildings
  • Ice Dams
  • Investigating and Diagnosing Moisture Problems
  • Moisture and Materials
  • Summer Condensation Problems in Ice Arenas
  • Joe Lstiburek on Water Absorption of Low Density Foam
  • Testimonials
    • "We enjoy the benefits of Demilec as a thermal barrier, air intrusion barrier and as a sound attenuation material. We plan on being a Demilec customer for many years to come."

      - Robert D. Massaro | CEO, Healthy Buildings, USA
    • "Demilec’s hands-on approach, trouble-shooting capabilities, and preventative maintenance process anchors their industry-leading tech service."

      - Eric DeMars | Lead Spray Foam Applicator, Custom Drywall, Inc.
    • "Your Heatlok Soy® 200 Plus is awesome. My guys and I tried at least five other brands, but Heatlok is the best. It is less sticky on the cap and does not clog as much as other brands."

      - Scott McLean | Operations Manager, Good Life Energy Savers, Danbury , CT
    • "We are extremely impressed with the exceptional performance of your product and would highly recommend it to anyone considering utilizing spray foam in their home."

      - Ruth O. | Slidell , LA
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